About Taylor, Vintage Van!

About Taylor 
Taylor, is 1953 King Caravan set up to serve up, Coffee, cupcakes and cold drinks!
He was found down in Bunbury, where the previous owner had Him for few years. Before that, I was told he was kept in shed in Rowleystone for 30 years. We believe, that is why he is in such good condition, because of the years being kept out of the damaging environment. 
When we transformed Taylor, we wanted to keep the Vintage feel, he had from the beginning. So all of the cupboards under sink, and the wardrobe, are all original, and were revamped to be used again! The windows, and the port holes, are all part of the original van too, from the design in the 1950s. 
Taylor, is fully self sustained, with power and does not require generator. He has a lovely gas machine inside, Frank the Fracino, who serves up great coffee. Solar power is used to power everything else, to the fridges, Milkshakes machines and the grinder.  
Vanilla Sprinkles would be delighted to hire Taylor out for events on afternoons such as birthdays and weddings. Taylor also parked up at Point Peron every day but Tuesday to serve up Cupcakes and Coffee to the Rockingham Community. 
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