How do you finish off a good weekend???

Good Afternoon Guys, Long time no blog. I’m sorry I haven’t wrote anything for the last few weeks, life has just been crazy busy! This weekend, for once I actually had time, and felt inspired to experiment.

So to answer the question “How do you finish off a good weekend?”  well would be of course to bake, but not just to bake something I have before but something totally different. I experimented with two of everyone’s favourite things Brownies and Cookies.

Miss LozzyBeth’s take on Brookies!

Miss LozzyBeth's take on Brookies

This creation is incredible, it tastes extraordinary. I’m not usually the one to sit eat lots of cookie dough or brownies, but this would be so worth the sickness you would get from the taste of these to die for brookies.  It has so much goodness, in them it is both decadent and chocolatey.  I honestly can’t wait to show you all a video, that will be next in line.

Brookies Vanilla Sprinkles Brookies

To answer, the other part of the question, “why was my weekend so good?”may have something to do with this giant ice cream! A vlog to come soon!!!Ice cream eating is so good

So guys, How do you finish off a good weekend?


Miss Lozzybeth

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