Halloween Cupcakes Pick Up 29th, 30th, 31st October (Min 4)


Cupcake Flavours for Halloween! All boxes will be a mix of all flavours. We cannot offer single flavours. 

Top Left: Oreo Spider! 
A cookies and cream cupcake iced with vanilla buttercream, topped with a mini oreo dressed like a spider!

Top Right: Raspberry Zombie Brains 
A raspberry cupcake piped with raspberry buttercream to look like a brain, drizzle with raspberry blood!

Bottom Left: Pumpkin Spice 
A Pumpkin spiced cupcake baked with cream cheese centre, dressed with vanilla buttercream to look like a pumpkin!

Bottom Right: Slime Lime 
A Lime cupcake filled with lime jelly topped with green buttercream and lime slime!