Hi Guys,

I’m Miss Lozzy Beth, a teenage girl with a huge passion for CAKE and CUPCAKES! I really want to bring something that will bring joy and smiles to people all over the world. I have always loved cake, since I was little. I remember helping my dad make pancakes, ┬ánow he has somehow lost his knack. I really want to create this magical experience for everyone, and show how cake can be so incredible. I want my baking and cakes to make this world a happier place.

Last year, I took more action on this dream of baking for a living, as I completed a Certificate II in Retail Baking. The course itself was so interesting and I learnt a how lot about everything in the baking industry. From the course I completed hours in a placement, which gained me a job and a very cool title of ASSISTANT PASTRY COOK!!! It makes me feel so talented and special, to have such job. I’m enjoying learning things about how to run a business in the baking industry.

One day I hope to bring you all a Vanilla Sprinkles that you can actually visit and buy cupcakes, and don’t worry I have a fabulous idea of how I’m going to be different. Until then, this is the place to follow where you will find out about it.


Miss LozzyBeth

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