Lauren and Taylor a Match made to be. 

Vanilla Sprinkles, picked up Taylor in March 2019, a vintage 1953 King Caravan! Lauren and her parents, then transformed Taylor to his look now, to serve Cupcakes and Coffee.
Taylor was a step in right direction for Lauren’s dream, of one day owning her own shop. Now you can see it parked up at Point Peron nearly every day.
Vanilla Sprinkles, now offers both freshly baked cupcakes, and locally roasted coffee! Cupcakes baked nearly everyday for Taylor, and on the weekend we have plenty! We sourced Baldivis’ Brother of Mine beans, People Everyday to use! These beans compliment our cupcakes so well. We don’t just offer cupcakes and coffee, but we also make MILKSHAKES too!
Catch Vanilla Sprinkles’ Taylor the Vintage Van, at Point Peron everyday but Tuesday from 7:30-12pmish.