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Day 2 The Vanilla Cupcake Challenge!

Hi Guys, here is Day 2 of the Vanilla Cupcake Challenge. I hope you enjoy the video!

Day 1 Vanilla Cupcake Challenge

Follow me through this little challenge experiment thingy.  For 3 different vanilla cupcakes recipes and 4 VIDEOS! HERE IS DAY 1!

My Little Job, A day in the Life of Assistant Pastry Cook

So Fridays are the day I always work, which can be slightly annoying. Well because you guys are like T.G.I.F, and I’m like I need Saturday right now! It is really not that bad. I just, well I think we all get the feeling of not wanting to go to work. I would much prefer to stay in my comfy bed!!! So off to my little job.

So today being a Friday, I went off to work, in a my actually pretty cool workplace, the problem is that it is about an hour by train! I finally made it in, and that’s when the feeling of I don’t want work kinda leaves and I’m all of sudden happy to do the job. My job is also one of the coolest jobs for a 16 year old, I basically spend my day icing cakes, and who wouldn’t want to do that. I could ice cakes for ages and ages, and when I get bored of one, all I have to do is stick that one in freezer to chill, and I can start another. See it’s a pretty cool thing to do. Also as the place I ice cakes for, does lots and lots, there is always plenty of ganache and buttercream, and you never have not enough!

So today’s tasks, at my nearly dream job, was to ice 5 different kinds of cake, which eventually equaled to me icing 12 of them! Yep 12 cakes, lets just say that got me though my whole day and more. The cakes I iced today were mainly chocolate based, but I did do a few red velvets too. I really wish I had some pictures, because now that I have been doing it for a few weeks, they actually look really good and professional. My mentor-supervisor-personmbob is incredible to watch, and today she told me my red velvets were beautiful, I was extremely happy. I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face, and to be honest with you, I’m still smiling now too.

So my day in life of Assistant Pastry Cook is pretty good life, don’t you think


Miss Lozzybeth

Vanilla Cupcakes, and where to begin?

My day has been so full of so many vanilla cupcakes. I am pretty sure I have said the word vanilla more then 10 times. That would be nearly record for me! So I guess you would like to know why my day was full […]

Australian Style Pancakes

After you guys loved the pool vlog, so much I decided to make another short video for you! Here, I am making Australian style Pancakes for my family on the weekend.

Miss LozzyBeth’s Vlogs – An afternoon in the POOL!!!

A different video, that was promised for the Facebook peeps.
An afternoon where I’m not baking but instead having some downtime in the pool!

Caramel Slice or Caramel Shortbread

So what is the difference between caramel slice and caramel shortbread, it can be simply explained in one way, BAKED CARAMEL. We all know that a caramel slice or shortbread, consist of the same 3 layers, a biscuit base, caramel and topped with a layer […]

Caramel Shortbread

A recipe for a really yummy treat! Ingredients Base: 50g soft brown sugar 125g softened butter 150g self-raising flour Caramel: 397g can sweetened condensed milk 125g diced butter 75g soft brown sugar 2tbsp golden syrup Chocolate: 150g milk chocolate Instructions Preheat your oven to 180°C, […]

Christmas Presents and the New Year

Christmas Presents and the New Year

Christmas time is coming to an end again, it’s always so sad, I wish it was here all the time. There is such a special feeling you get at this time, that brings the best out of people. I am also glad that Christmas is over this year too, as it was so busy and all. If you would like to know why you should read Christmas time and Cake! I am hoping for next year to be maybe not as busy, but we will just have to see.

Christmas Presents

I really want to tell you all what I got for Christmas, which is going to make my videos even better. I got a CAMERA!!! An actual video camera, which is even waterproof, not that baking and water really mix unless its to make cake batter!. I got a Sony HDR-AS50 Action Camera, which is so incredibly small, but it takes such good videos. I’m looking forward to making you some more baking videos of all the different things that I love to eat. That means that you can eat them too! I got lots of bits and bobs too, which are pretty useful and will star in feature videos or blog posts. Christmas brings so many good things for everyone, and I hope the new year will too.Christmas Presents

New Year Plans

My plans for the new year, aren’t too huge, I just really want to get out there with my cupcakes and for more people to know. I want to feel more confident talking about my own blog and YouTube channel. Which means even more people can see and understand what I love to do.  I would love  for my cakes and cupcakes to be talked about by all, not just my friends and family, and that they all come back to here or to my YouTube channel MissLozzyBeth. This is definitely going to take time, I understand that, but I’m willing to wait as I really love writing and creating videos about cakes and baking, its feels like my reason for living. I just get that at home feeling when I’m in the kitchen and baking, like it is where I belong. I hope I can bake for a long time long after this Christmas and 2017.

Happy New Year

Lots of Love

Miss Lozzy Beth

Christmas time and Cake! What a Busy Time of Year

Christmas time and Cake! What a Busy Time of Year

Christmas and cake go together like peanut butter and jelly, there is always at least something sweet at Christmas. My time before Christmas this year was extremely busy with cake, as somehow everyone is born in the leading months. I have planned so many cakes, […]