A Different type of Bouquet of Flowers!

A Different type of Bouquet of Flowers!

Thank goodness for the school holidays, it means for me, so much more stuff gets done. So on Wednesday, my mummabear and I spent about half an hour looking around at flowers, for my Auntie who had lost her husband. I spent most of the trip, walking around, listening to Mummabear talking about flowers, don’t want to buy flowers, flowers die, she will mostly likely have loads of flowers. I thought Auntie needed something different, something that could really cheer her up, and what’s tons better than flowers, you guessed it CAKE!!!  Cake makes everything better ! The next problem, was how could I make cakes, and something special to ease her loss and make her smile again.  Then I remembered something I saw on Pinterest.

Cupcake Flower Bouquet 1

How beautiful is this for a gift!

So Mummabear, and I started rushing around the shops to find the bits and bobs to make this. Let’s just say trying to find a Styrofoam ball, isn’t easy especially in one small local shopping centre.  But we did and then next problem was a pot to balance the ball on, but that was the easiest part. The next part is the fun bit, actually doing the flower part of this wonderful bouquet.

Cupcake Flower Bouquet 2


The flowers a made of mini VANILLA CUPCAKES, topped with yummy sweet buttercream. Once we actually got back for the shops, I had about an hour to do the whole thing, before mummabear was going to need it. So off to work I went,and let’s just say I needed the whole hour. The cupcakes, are made with my basic vanilla cupcake recipe, along with my favourite vanilla buttercream, which is piped with no 7 pastry tube. To get the dual colour, I simply placed plain white buttercream on one side, then pink on other. Really simple and makes these look outstanding!!! The piping of the cupcakes, was the quickest part of the whole thing surprisingly. The hardest part was definitely trying to assemble and attach all the flower cupcakes. I used about 3 toothpicks per mini cupcake flower to hold them on the ball.

 Cupcake Flower Bouquet 3 Cupcake Flower Bouquet 4


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