I have fallen in LOVE!!! With a Piping Tip

I have fallen in LOVE!!! With a Piping Tip

Well, isn’t it a good day to fall in love on. Yeah it’s Valentine’s Day here in Aus, but there isn’t much left of it, so it’s a good job I have already found my love. I would like to announce to our little community, I have fallen in love with Wilton #2D tip. Wilton #2D

This tip is the best thing invented for the perfect rosette. I thought my rosettes where pretty good looking, but now with this tip, I couldn’t be more happy with them. This tip make such a perfect swirl, it overlaps and falls in just the right spot, to give it that more realistic look. Rosettes with Wilton #2D

This tip, was on sale and was a lucky bargain find. I can’t believe I had never seen this one before, I’m so happy. My favourite style of piping is the rosette, so if I can make it look better, it makes me so much happier!

I bought a few other tips, on that day too, which I’m not completely happy with yet, I just need more practice!


Wilton Piping Tips 1 Rosette Cupcake

Love is finding the perfect tip!


Miss LozzyBeth

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