Miss LozzyBeth goes on HOLIDAY!!!!

Hey guys, here is a new video for all of you. This time, I filmed a vlog when I was away on HOLIDAY. I hope you enjoy the video!

Valentine’s Day!!!! Do you Hate it or Love it?

LOVE IS THE AIR…….It’s that time of year were the people that are in love,  rub it in the faces who don’t have love. Like me! This year I have made some gorgeous cupcakes for both the haters and the lovers. The Hater Cupcake! The…

How to make Milk Chocolate Sponge Cake!

This is my favourite chocolate cake recipe. It is a simple sponge, which is light, fluffy and perfect with buttercream or ganache. This is just one of the basic recipes, that you will need for another recipe in the future!

Fluffy Vanilla Buttercream – My Favourite

My favourite and go to recipe for Vanilla Buttercream! Here is the video


Watch and listen to me compare all 3 of the recipes for vanilla cupcakes.  I think I found a WINNER!!!

Day 3 The Vanilla Cupcake Challenge

For the 3rd recipe, I thought I should have something to compare the others too. So I choose the normal recipe

Day 2 The Vanilla Cupcake Challenge!

Hi Guys, here is Day 2 of the Vanilla Cupcake Challenge. I hope you enjoy the video!

Day 1 Vanilla Cupcake Challenge

Follow me through this little challenge experiment thingy.  For 3 different vanilla cupcakes recipes and 4 VIDEOS! HERE IS DAY 1!

Australian Style Pancakes

After you guys loved the pool vlog, so much I decided to make another short video for you! Here, I am making Australian style Pancakes for my family on the weekend.

Miss LozzyBeth’s Vlogs – An afternoon in the POOL!!!

A different video, that was promised for the Facebook peeps. An afternoon where I’m not baking but instead having some downtime in the pool!