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Christmas Time and Cake!

Christmas and cake go together like peanut butter and jelly, there is always at least something sweet at Christmas. My time before Christmas this year was extremely busy with cake, as somehow everyone is born in the leading months. I have planned so many cakes, for my family and friends, and I think they really all enjoyed and loved eating them! So my busy cake time started in September with my Mummabear’s cake.


My Mummabear to me, is my hugest fan and my biggest influence, so for her I couldn’t do anything small. With a few different ideas in my head of all her favourite things, I decided to combine them all in to the one cake. Caramel, Chocolate and Coffee. What a magical combination!

This cake consists of 3 layers of soft and fluffy sponge, in flavours of chocolate, coffee and caramel, it was then coated in layer of creamy white buttercream, and drizzled with a caramel drip. I topped the whole cake off with homemade coffee macarons, curly wurlys, milk chocolate lindors and wafer sticks. It was massive cake to eat, but it sure did get eaten, by friends from school and family.


After September comes October, which wasn’t too busy till just before my holiday to England, when a friend asked me if I could make her daughter some watermelon cupcakes for her birthday. I wasn’t too sure at first that I was going to have time, but in the end I was glad for something to do, because it helped fill in time before I actually went.

The picture isn’t the best quality, as I actually don’t remember taking any photos of them, but they do star in the intro of my Choc Brownie video. These cupcakes were so cute, so Instagram worthy, but it would help if you take a good photo. The cupcakes themselves were, a simple vanilla batter dyed green and pink, with a few chocolate chips, which all sunk to the bottom. Apparently if I had coated the chocolate chips in flour, it should have stopped that, let me know if you have tried it in the comments section. A buttercream ice cream swirl in the opposing colour topped with more chocolate chips, just made them have that watermelon feel.

October should have been quiet, as well I was on holiday, but I just don’t stop baking. During my holiday, my cousin was getting married, and they had kindly asked if I wanted to do a high tea type a thing for the afternoon, I jumped at the idea of getting to do some baking, as I had missed it so much in the 3 weeks I was there. I planned out all the different recipes, from mini cupcakes to chocolate and raspberry brownie, a recipe that I pinched from school. Here is another blurry pic, as yet again I didn’t take a photo, and well my dad, isn’t going to be a photographer any time soon.


After the holiday, November came along with 2 birthdays, my Dad and my Dad’s Dad, Grandpa. More cake I know, I like making them and its more practice. My Dad’s cake I had planned ages and ages ago, when I say something chocolate orange on pinterest. It was a very simple cake, but looked and tasted amazing. It was a chocolate orange sponge, which was to die for. My Grandpas’ was a giant cupcake, covered in mars bar, with both chocolate and vanilla cake. It was also good, but nothing beats chocolate orange cake.


So finally the Christmas month came along, and I still had more birthdays that needed a cake, first was my brother’s birthday. Trying to find a type of cake I hadn’t done got harder as my brother isn’t usually too fussed but I really wanted to make something he would like. After a lot of thought, I decided on a Harry Potter themed cake, and what flavour do you make a Harry Potter cake, well why not BUTTERBEER. The rest of the cake design was simple, it was covered in a layer of chocolate ganache, with a neatly piped shell border along with quidditch goals and a lindor golden snitch.  The butter beer flavour turned out like a butterscotch caramel cake, and was well enjoyed by all of his friends.

After my brother’s birthday came along my Grandma’s, which by then we were slowly getting sick of eating cake, but I still make one, just not as big as normal. My Mummabear said to one of her friends earlier in year that I would make them a cake for there child, and it turned out the cake for them and my Grandma were both needed for the same weekend! The week coming to that weekend was also my last week of school, so I had assemblies to go and a dinner dance. So the week was very planned out to the minute to make sure these cakes got done. So my Grandma’s cake consisted of a vanilla sponge, dyed an ombré of blue colours, then a light coat of vanilla buttercream and finally piped with rosettes in ombré colours of blue too. Can you guess what her favourite colour is!?

The cake for my Mummabear’s friend was a quite a simple cake, made of a fluffy chocolate sponge, coated in a chocolate buttercream, then surrounded with Kit Kats. On the top of cake, I had made into a gravity-defining cake, where it looks like the smarties are pouring out of the box, and then filled underneath, to make it look like a lots of smarties had came out. This cake impressed quite a few people, with the spilling smarties but not as much as my rainbow ombré cake, that deserves a whole other blog post.

After all that busy time, Christmas finally came and I actually was extremely lucky as I went on a holiday again, so I had a good 10 days off baking. Well boy after that I really wanted my kitchen back so I could bake, so what do you think I did on the first day I was home? I went and made a CHOCOLATE YULE LOG, one of my favourite things to make, they are so yummy and fluffy. So to finish off Christmas, I had a piece, and now ready to take on 2017 with even more cake!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all
Miss Lozzy Beth

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